ATEX robots

Do you run a machine park, factory or production facility? In these production facilities you can deal with explosive substances and dangers of explosion. For example, flammable gases and liquids. When these substances come into contact with oxygen, an explosive atmosphere can be created. This will lead to a very unsafe working environment, because a possible explosion exposes your employees to fire, toxic substances, flying debris, high pressure and a low level of oxygen. With all its consequences.

Comply with ATEX directives

Do you want to guarantee the safety of your employees and do you want to prevent explosions? Be sure to check your factory or manufacturing facility regularly for explosive substances. This way you comply with the ATEX Zone 1 directives. ATEX is the European directive for areas with a potential explosion hazard due to the presence of an explosive atmosphere. ATEX is also sometimes referred to as ‘EX’. A Zone 1 area is classified as a place in which an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture with air or flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor or mist is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally.

ATEX certified robots

You can have your employees check your factory or production facility for the risk of explosion. However, this costs a lot of manpower and can cause a great danger: people cannot perceive all toxic or explosive substances. Therefore, use a robot. Please meet the robots from ExRobotics. The robots are suitable for harsh environments that require an ATEX Zone 1 certification (and an IECEx certification). By using the robots, dangerous factories and production facilities can be investigated. This is safe for humans.

Robots for explosive environments

ExRobotics is the leading expert in developing and selling reliable robots for harsh environments. We are the only developer in the world that has an unique certification, allowing the robots to drive in explosive environments. Our robots are built modular and are equipped with various features and functionalities, such as a camera, gas detection, infrared detection, heat detection and sound map. For example, the robot can be set to detect specific explosive substances. The robot performs daily missions. If the robot detects an explosive gas of emission, the robot will automatically send an alarm to a safe control room. The control room operator can then take action and reduce or limit the gases or emissions.

More information about our ATEX robots

Would you like more information about our ATEX robot for explosive environments? Or do you like to know more about our Emissions Detector, First Responder, Co-Operator and Inspector? ExRobotics has a lot of knowledge of robotization and remote-controlled robots. Contact us and we are happy to tell you more. In a meeting we can explain the possibilities of our robot operators and provide you with a demo.