Vacancies at ExRobotics

Are you looking for a challenging job in technology? At ExRobotics we are looking for you. Pioneers, who want to help develop robots that make the world safer and sustainable. We are looking for perfectionists who love procedures and get satisfaction from precision. Our robots operate in the harshest surroundings, detecting life threatening situations and environmental hazards. Developing cutting edge technology makes our job challenging, every day. Are you ready to work on the front line?


Exrobotics careers

Daan Hitzbleck  - Assembly & Field Engineer

“At ExRobotics we create an ideal atmosphere for an open an flexible work environment in robotics. Where we put ourselves and our 'ExR' Robots on top of the ‘to do’ list!!”

David Imhoff – Assembly engineer

"Working at ExRobotics is a great mix of Mechanical, Electrical and a little bit of Software engineering."

Iwan de Waard – Co-founder & Director

“ExRobotics is the driving company for Autonomous Mobile Robots for hazardous environments to support operators. As a frontrunner, this poses many technical and business challenges! If you think you can handle this highly dynamic environment and can help change the way how we are looking at industrial automation, send your resume!”

Jeroen Mostert - Electrical & Field engineer

“I like working in a small company with a lot of responsibilities."

Jeroen Mostert - Electrical & Field engineer

"I like working hard on new technology with a small team."

Jeroen Mostert - Electrical & Field engineer

“As a field engineer I have contact with customers all over the world.”

Natalie Gordijn - Assembly engineer

"ExRobotics offers me a pleasant, versatile workplace where I can learn more about engineering from my colleagues."

Niels Hakvoort – Mechanical engineer

“ExRobotics has a very open culture and is a great place to learn and work with innovative technologies. Working at a small company gives you the opportunity to take ownership, brings your own strengths to the table and gets the support of colleagues when needed. At ExRobotics we work client driven and have fun together while doing so! It’s great to work at a place that has ambitious goals and really values its employees.”

Pieter Verschuure - Mechanical engineer

“The best teamwork comes from those working independently towards one goal: to develop and build the best robot!”

Renske Starrenburg - Business Process Lead

“I get full autonomy to manage my tasks in the way that works for me. We work with trust in everyone’s talents, efforts and best intentions. I love the freedom to develop myself within my responsibilities.”

Ronald Schreurs – Project lead

“You don't often get the chance to work on a product that companies need,  that wasn't there yet. This creates challenges and opportunities for employees that not many companies can offer. I like those challenges.”