Detect H2S (hydrogen sulfide)

H2S, also known as hydrogen sulfide, is a poisonous gas with a very strong odor. Some people recognize it as the smell of rotten eggs. However, this odor can only be perceived when a low concentration of the gas is present. If H2S is present in a high concentration, the odor can no longer be detected. This is very dangerous and insidious. H2S cannot be seen and it cannot be smelled at a high concentration. If people are in an enclosed space with H2S for a long time, the nervous system can be damaged and it can even lead to death.

H2S gas detection

H2S is mainly found in the oil & gas industry. H2S is heavier than oxygen (CO2), which means that the gas is present in confined spaces for a long time. If you work in the oil & gas industry and you work with the gas H2S (or this gas can be present in your factory or production facility), it is important to make structural use of gas detection or emissions detection. Please meet the emission detection robot from ExRobotics!

Detect H2S at low levels

We introduce Emissions Detector, a robot that can battle fugitive emissions on site. The robot is rugged and reliable. It has few moving parts, incorporate high quality parts from well-respected suppliers and is designed to operate without human intervention. It can detect fugitive emissions at low levels. It performs daily autonomous missions during which the robot follows pre-planned routes. If the robot detects the gas H2S, the robot will automatically send an alarm to a safe control room. The controller in the control room can take appropriate measures. With the Emissions Detector you are creating a safe working environment for your operators.

Robots for harsh and demanding environments

ExRobotics develops and markets reliable robots and robotic solutions for harsh and demanding environments. All robots are certified for use in IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 areas. By using the robots, dangerous factories and production facilities can be investigated thoroughly. ExRobotics is the only provider in the world that has an unique certification, allowing the robots to drive in explosive factories. Each robot is tailor-made and can be built modular, so the robot can be used for different purposes. This led to the four robots Emissions Detector, First Responder, Co-Operator and Inspector. Please read more information about the specifics of these robots. 

Contact about our H2S detection robot

Would you like more information about detecting H2S (hydrogen sulfide) or other fugitive emissions? Or do you like to know more about the ExRobotics Emissions Detector? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to invite you for a meeting and tell you more about our robots. We are the leading expert in developing and selling reliable robots for harsh environments and can tell you more about robotization and remote-controlled robots.