Digitization in oil and gas industries

More than a third of energy, chemical and oil and gas companies are still in the early stages of digital transformation. Only seven percent are taking full advantage of digital opportunities. Chemical companies on the other hand, are making the greatest progress in digitization. This is according to Strategy &'s '2019 Digital operations study for Energy', for which more than 500 companies from the energy, chemical and oil and gas industries in the EMEA region were surveyed. Do you want to know more about the digitization in oil and gas industries, and how ExRobotics can make a valuable contribution in these developments? Read about it here.

What is digitization?

Digital transformation is the change an organization goes through when it digitizes. Digital transformation is "the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses, by replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or by replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology.         

The benefits of digitization in the oil and gas industries

The large-scale digitization of information from oil and gas fields, gas networks, production sites and supply chains, for example, is generating a huge amount of data. This data offers enormous potential for generating intelligence, which can then be used for business decisions related to sales, marketing, customer service and delivery.

Our latest insights

We help oil and gas industries transform in a changing landscape. Digitizing certain processes within your company can be a safe solution when it comes to emissions detection or other fugitive gases. Using industrial robots is a safe way to outsource this. ExRobotics is the leading expert in developing rugged and reliable robots for harsh environments that require an ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certification. By using the robots, dangerous factories and production facilities can be investigated.

ExRobotics is the leading expert in developing reliable robots

Currently, we mainly focus on customers in the oil and gas industry. Our robots can be equipped with different features and functionalities, so the robot can be used for different purposes. This led to the following four robots: Emissions Detector, First Responder, Co-Operator and Inspector. Our robots are the new benchmark for inspecting and surveying potentially explosive facilities. They are equipped with a range of sensors and cameras that communicate with a driver or operator, who are located in a control room.

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