Emission detection

Emissions are harmful to humans and the environment. Technically, an emission is anything that has been released out into the open air. But more often it refers to gases being released into the air, like greenhouse gasses or emissions from power plants and factories. It is important to detect these emissions, and it is our mission to do so


The importance of emission detection

A timely emissions test monitors the levels of hazardous substances escaping from machinery or plants. The goal of an emissions test is to help reduce the amount of pollutants that are harmful to your employees and the environment. 

What happens when emissions are not detected?

Harmful emissions are released during the vaporization or incomplete combustion of petroleum products and other organic substances, such as petrol, paint, glue products and cleaning products. Prolonged contact with fugitive emissions as for example ammonia, pentane, acetone, propane, and butane. Can cause respiratory tract irritation, eye irritation, headache, nausea, heart problems and nervous system damage.

Emission detection robot

Emissions are mainly released in the oil & gas industry. When you process fugitive emissions in your factory or production facility, it is important to identify and reduce these emissions. With the emission detection robot from ExRobotics you can detect fugitive emissions. It is a vital tool in the battle to reduce fugitive emissions of methane, benzene, and other gases. By using our industrial inspection robots, dangerous factories and production facilities can be investigated. The robot that can detect these fugitive emissions, is our Emissions Detector.

ExRobotics: Leading expert in developing reliable robots

Meet ExRobotics, the leading expert in developing rugged and reliable robots for harsh environments that require an ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certification. Currently, we mainly focus on customers in the oil and gas industry. All of our industrial inspection robots can be equipped with distinctive features and functionalities, so the robot can be used for different purposes. They are equipped with a range of sensors and cameras that communicate with a driver or operator, who are located in a control room.

Contact us about our emission detection robot

Would you like more information about detecting and reducing fugitive emissions? Or, about our emissions detector robot? We are happy to provide you with more information. Contact us and we will schedule an introductory meeting. Plus, of course, we can give you a demo of our Emissions Detector.