IECEx robots

Do you run a machine park, factory or production facility? To guarantee the continuity of your services and the safety of your employees, it is important that your production facility is safe and that it works properly. Explosive substances can occur in your production facility. Think of flammable gases and liquids. When these substances come into contact with oxygen, an explosion can occur. An explosion can result in fire, possible release of toxic substances, flying debris, a pressure wave and a low oxygen atmosphere.

Comply with IECEx safety guidelines

Do you want to prevent an explosive atmosphere? Make sure that the explosion safety of your company is in order. This is not only important for the safety of your employees, but it is also required by the government. The safety requirements for explosive atmospheres are laid down in IECEx, also known as International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive atmospheres. IECEx is an international standard that covers many countries around the world. IECEx consists of an international system that allows both manufacturers and employees to have the safety level of their products, systems and employees assessed and certified.

Meet safety requirements for IECEx

To meet the safety requirements for IECEx, you can frequently survey your factory or production facility for explosion hazards. You can appoint various security employees for this task. The great danger, however, is that these employees cannot detect all explosive substances and gases. Some substances cannot be perceived by humans. Instead, use robots. Robots can monitor your factory or production facility and can detect any explosive substances present. The ExRobotics robots are very suitable for inspecting potentially explosive facilities. 

Ex certified robots

ExRobotics develops and markets reliable robots and robotic solutions for harsh and demanding environments that require an IECEx certification. ExRobotics is the only provider in the world that has an unique certification, allowing the robots to drive in explosive factories. In our product range you will find four different robots: First Responder, Emissions Detector, Co-Operator and Investigator. The ExRobotics robots can be built modular. Our robot can be equipped with various features and functionalities, such as a camera, gas detection, infrared detection, heat detection and sound map. By building the robots in a modular way, it can be used for various purposes. 

More information about our IECEx robots

Would you like more information about our IECEx robot for explosive environments? Or do you want to know more about our robots Emissions Detector, First Responder, Co-Operator and Inspector? Our consultants are happy to tell you more about the limitless possibilities of our robot operators. They can also provide you with a tailor-made offer.