Industrial gas detector

After the introduction of the remote-controlled robot and the added autonomous navigation, the next step in improving your safety & emission performance; autonomous industrial gas detection. If you want to know more about these industrial gas detectors, please read further.


Industrial gasdetector

Did you know gas leaks are a serious problem? They can be dangerous and a serious health risk. So, using the technology of a gas detector is the best solution to avoid physical problems like dizziness, fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea and loss of muscle control. Before these physical symptoms take hold, a gas detector can discover a leak. It works by monitoring different gas levels in the air.

What a gas detector does

These industrial gas detector devices are generally battery operated and used for safety. Once they detect a higher-than-normal concentration of gas in the air, the gas detectors warn people in the location through a series of really hard to miss audible beeps. Gas detectors work on a threshold system, so there can be up to a certain amount of gas in the air before the alarm will be tripped to send out a warning signal. The primary function of a gas detector is to avoid the health ramifications and provide safety measures to monitor the level of gas in the air.

Detecting gases with the industrial gasdetector

The industrial gas detector operates with no human intervention. It can detect gases, even at low levels. The robot is kept permanently on location on its docking station which continuously charges its batteries. It performs daily autonomous missions during which the robot follows pre-planned routes. If the robot detects a fugitive emission, the robot will automatically send an alarm to a safe control room. The control room is manned by an operator. When the alarm is raised, the robot automatically forwards the location where the fugitive emission has been detected. Then, the control room operator can take action and reduce or limit the fugitive emissions.

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