Holland Robotics Inspection & Maintenance

Realizing a successful ecosystem, in which the entire value chain is involved, and which focuses on capitalizing on the right opportunities in the market.


Robotics is a technology field in which many areas of expertise converge. In (Southern) Dutch companies and knowledge institutions there is a strong knowledge and expertise in these areas of expertise to develop applied robotics with enormous added value when brought together. However, it is still fragmented and incomplete. Moreover, this is not sufficiently known to “the general public”, and in an international context.

It is therefore important to collaborate, share knowledge and focus on an integrated chain approach, so that market opportunities can actually be capitalized on. This will strengthen (the image of) the ecosystem and grow further. Growing in turnover in the business sector, but also growing in the number of players that develop and manifest across the full width of the chain.

Even after the end of the subsidy period, the objective of the project is to realize a successful ecosystem with the entire value chain, which focuses on capitalizing on market opportunities. We do this from two perspectives:

  • Organizational: building a strong ecosystem, in which (SME) companies and knowledge institutions collaborate intensively on R&D, knowledge sharing and marketing.
  • Technological: developing robotics solutions for inspection and maintenance, including widely applicable components in the field of vision, artificial intelligence and mechatronics.
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