Smart Maintenance Labs

This project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund, The Dutch Ministery of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the provence of Noord-Brabant under the OPZuid programme.

The Smart Maintenance Labs project bridges the gap between the need for validated innovations in the field of Maintenance 4.0 in the industry on the one hand, and innovative SME entrepreneurs on the other.

Our goal

The Smart Maintenance Labs project goal is to realize a new and open innovation system in which tangible Maintenance 4.0 applications are developed and tested that make the industry safer, more sustainable and more reliable. This innovation system thus contributes to improving the competitive position of the regional industry.

In the southwestern Netherlands, the chemical industry employs around 35,000 people. This makes it an important driver of the regional economy. This industry is dominated by multinational companies, which in recent decades have taken major steps to work more efficiently and safely. Because of this focus on their core business, namely the production of chemicals, there is often little room for innovation and innovation in secondary processes such as maintenance.

At the same time, there is an awareness that continuous innovation is needed to maintain the competitive position of the industry, with digitization including robotization high on the agenda. Small and medium sized companies develop innovative products and services par excellence, but often find it difficult to physically apply their applications to the large multinational asset owners, due to strict internal rules for changes and purchasing / purchasing policies of large companies.

The open innovation system will consist of the following components:

  1. A system in which demand from industry and supply from SMEs is actively brought together;
  2. Two physical locations in Vlissingen and Breda where innovations can be developed, tested and validated;
  3. At least 5 concrete innovations in the area of Maintenance 4.0.

The project consists of a consortium of 11 organizations, involving 3 facilitating parties and 8 SMEs with a proven innovative track record and a strong willingness to cooperate and develop. KicMPi has been appointed as secretary of the consortium.

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