ExRobotics completes testing of the ExR-1 robot platform using a 5G network

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, November 2018

Earlier this month, at Shell Pernis in the Rotterdam port area, ExRobotics, KPN, Shell and Huawei tested the first industrial applications involving the use of the new generation of mobile networks.

Thanks to the use of 5G, applications can be optimized further, production processes can be better predicted, and industrial maintenance and safety can be further enhanced. Through 5G, and the large-scale use of wireless sensors, the process gains industry direct access to relevant digital information from the production environment.

In the test, the ExR-1 Mobile inspection robot was connected with 5G for the inspection process for gas leaks, an application which is crucial for the continuity and safety of Shell Pernis. The connection to the 5G network enabled the remote control of the robot to be much more accurate and reliable, targeting a high data rate, as well as offering reduced latency and energy saving.

The ExR-1 mobile inspection robot is one of the first industrial appliances that is operated on the next generation 5G mobile network.


About ExRobotics B.V.

ExRobotics is a leading international company specialized in robotic solutions for potentially explosive environments. It produces Ex-certified robots (ATEX and IECEx Zone 1) that can remotely carry out otherwise potentially hazardous safety checks at remote facilities.

About the industrial 5G Field Lab in the port of Rotterdam

The 5G network at Shell Pernis is the largest industrial 5G field lab in Europe and contributes to the ambition of the process industry in the port of Rotterdam to the best and most flexible connected production network of Europe in 2021.

Read more about the industrial fieldlab on: industrial5gfieldlab.nl

For more information contact, samir.elawadi@exrobotics.global Tel.: +31 88 550 4300

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