ExRobotics increases its R&D and assembly facilities

Some years ago the ideas of robotics may have been seen as pure science fiction, but with significant growth in numerous industries in the last few years, it is now becoming a reality in everyday operations. To meet such demands, ExRobotics has greatly expanded its operations in the Netherlands in its R&D and assembly facilities, supported by our venture capital partner Rotterdam Port Fund.

The newly expanded facilities in Delft (Rotterdam area) have Increased the size of ExRobotics production line, enabling us to meet the demands from our customers around the world for robotic applications.  With the full support of our customers and partners namely Innovation Quarter, Rotterdam Port fund, Yokogawa, and Energy Robotics, who all have a reputation for developing world class solutions in many industries around the world, you know you are in very safe hands with ExRobotics.

Robots have traditionally been used in discrete manufacturing and machine automation applications. As more companies look towards more autonomous operations in this age of Digital transformation the use of robotics is now expanding exponentially to address process industry applications.

One such example we have developed a robot for (methane) emissions detection. As environmental concerns gain traction in the oil & gas industry, emissions and leak-detection have become high-profile robotic applications of ExRobotics. The innovative technology of ExRobotics is helping realize this industry vision. As the robotics industry continues to evolve and innovate you can be sure that ExRobotics will be at the forefront of these technologies for the future and beyond.