Industrial Robotics Innovation (IRI)

ExRobotics has joined the Industrial Robotics Innovation project, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The project is realized within the ecosystem of the Knowledge and Innovation Network “Maintenance Process Industry”. It involves the further development of 3 inspection robots. This is an important step in making the process of inspecting industrial installations safer and more efficient.

Since inspection in the process industry is a key activity, a significant contribution is made to the performance (environment, raw materials, energy) of the directly involved Zeeland industrial companies. The developers of the robots and their applications obtain a marketable product that will make a significant contribution to their growth potential. The prototypes that will be further developed in the project are the I-Ball, a highly innovative inspection system for tanks and vessels that does not yet exist in the world. The same goes for the Snake Robot; This inspection robot can move and inspect vertically and curves of pipelines and is completely new and unique. Getting an autonomous drone available is the ultimate goal of safely inspecting high-risk areas.

Objectives within REACT-EU

The results of the project are initially implemented at the project supporting asset owners who are mainly located in the South West region. The project contributes to the objectives of REACT-EU by:

  • Supporting SMEs with promising new product development;

  • Commitment to a green, digital recovery of the Zeeland ecosystem;

  • Working with Key Enabling Technologies such as AI, robotics and sensor technology when developing the Innovations.

  • Applying the products to be developed contribute to both the energy transition (reliable and safe production and reduction of energy consumption through more efficient production) and the raw material transition (contribution to a circular economy by reducing material and raw material consumption.


The project management is provided by KICMPI. Avans University of Applied Sciences and HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen are knowledge institutions that are used by the partners to support the projects with targeted sub-research.

ExRobotics' role

ExRobotics is carrying out the innovation project, aimed at expanding the specifications of the product and thus the application possibilities for using the robot. In particular, the deviating environment and required application requirements for the robot require innovation, which are developed and applied in the subproject, so that more value is created for (potential) customers.