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Robot operator for
unmanned facilities

  • Solutions

    Rugged and reliable

ExRobotics is the leading expert in developing and selling reliable robots and robotic solutions for harsh environments that require IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certification. All of our robots are rugged and reliable for potentially explosive facilities.

  • For remote unmanned facilities


    • Dimensions

      950mm long, 690mm wide, 560mm high, 73 kilograms
    • Certification

      IECEx & ATEX zone 1
    • Life

      2km range, battery 90 minutes to 7 hours, 4,5 hours to charge batteries
    • Drives

      Over roads, slabs, pebbles, metal gratings and grass
  • Our flagship, fully autonomous



      960mm long, 660mm wide, 670mm high, 130 kilograms

      IECEx & ATEX zone 1
    • LIFE

      2km range, battery 2 to 6 hours, 8 hours to charge batteries
    • DRIVES

      Over roads, slabs, pebbles, metal gratings and grass

What makes our robots special

Safe and cost-effective solutions

  • Fleet management

  • Remote control

  • Self-docking and self-charging

  • 3D

  • Autonomous missions

  • Sensing

Robots in practice

You can find our robots
all over the world

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ExRobotics in numbers

  • 20.000 hours of successful operations
  • 200.000 meters of industrial inspection
  • 15.000 points of interests inspected on industrial sites
  • More than 30+ robots in operations on 4 continents
  • Smooth supervision of robot fleets over distances more than 10.000 kilometres