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ExRobotics is the leading expert in developing and selling reliable robots and robotic solutions for harsh environments that require IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certification. All of our robots are rugged and reliable for potentially explosive facilities.

Discover our story

Discover our story

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2010 - Sensabot development

The first, yellow robot was called Sensabot. It was developed by the National Robotics Engineering Centre (NREC) at Carnegie Mellon University and was amazingly successful for a first attempt. It was still being driven years later and has the honour of being signed by USA President Obama, UK Prime Minister Cameron, and Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev. However it also demonstrated the challenges of certifying such a complex electrical machine for use in potentially explosive environments.

2013 - Sensabot Mark 2

Sensabot Mark 2 tackled this challenge head-on. Instead of over-pressure it used a wide range of protection methods especially Ex “d”, Ex “e”, and Ex “i”. This resulted in a hugely complex certification programme for Shell, who had taken over the project from NREC, and the certifying authority, UL. Ultimately the robot required 13 new IECEx certificates. In this time ImProvia (one of the shareholders of ExRobotics) got involved to support Shell in this certification program.

2016 - Sensabot Mark 2

Sensabot Mark 2 became the first remotely operated resident robot certified for use in potentially explosive environments. Sensabot Mark 2 is now with the customer, NCOC, in Kazakhstan. It has continued the tradition of attracting attention. In 2017 the development team was awarded Shell’s Excellence Award for Technology and Innovation.

May 2017 - Founding of ExRobotics

ExRobotics was founded in 2017 by Iwan de Waard and Ian Peerless. Its founders had seven years of experience developing robots for use in potentially explosive environments. This culminated in supplying Sensabot to the North Caspian Operating Company in cooperation with Shell Projects and Technology. Our objective is to commercialise that experience.

Oct 2017 - Development of first robot

In 2017 we developed our first product, ExR-1. This is a remotely operated robot. Since then, we’ve sold over twenty robots to four continents. In our product range you will find four different robots: First Responder, Emissions Detector, Co-Operator and Investigator. These robots all have different features and functionalities.

Aug 2018 - First pilot with autonomous robot

Oct 2018 - ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 certified

Nov 2018 - First robot at launching customer

Nov 2018 - Building connectivity around the world

March 2019 - Cloud fleet management released

Oct 2019 - We specified our ExR-1 for different use cases

First Responder: for incidents where explosive gas may be present; Emissions Detector: to battle fugitive emissions on site; Co-Operator: for remote unmanned facilities

Dec 2019 - Robot as a Service is available on 4 continents

2020 - Development of ExR-2 robot

Dec 2020 - The ExR-2 Investigator

After three years of development and extensive testing, the ExR-2 Robot is ready to launch. It offers a panning inspection module, 3D LiDAR a 5G-ready communication and is IECEx/ATEX zone 1 certified to operate from -40C to +60C.

Meet our robots

  • For remote unmanned facilities


    • Dimensions

      950 mm long, 690 mm wide, 560 mm high, 73 kilograms
    • Certification

      IECEx & ATEX zone 1
    • Life

      2 km range, battery 90 minutes to 7 hours, 4,5 hours to charge batteries
    • Drives

      Over roads, slabs, pebbles, metal gratings and grass
  • Our flagship, fully autonomous



      960 mm long, 660 mm wide, 670 mm high, 110 to 130 kilograms

      IECEx & ATEX zone 1, -40°C to +55°C
    • LIFE

      2 km range, battery life 2 to 6 hours, 8 hours to charge batteries
    • DRIVES

      Over mixed hard surfaces, slabs, pebbles, metal gratings, grass, ice and light snow